Client Testimonials

Katie L.

Ashley is one of the most amazing people you will ever encounter! She goes above and beyond expectations! We had changing circumstances to our birth plan and Ashley was with us every step of the way. She drove to Prosser for our ECV procedure and Yakima where our scheduled C section took place. I never once felt alone in my birth process and never felt embarrassed to text or call Ashley with any questions I may have had. She makes you feel like you are her only client with her genuine nature and her abundance of knowledge. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Coey S.

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better support person than Ashley. I was new to the area and had a lot of anxiety about giving birth here. She put me at ease and was very helpful before, during and after the pregnancy. She is organized and extremely knowledgeable, however, that pales in comparison to her compassion and advocacy for her clients. I had the best experience with her and I HIGHLY recommend her.

Alyssa I.

Ashley was truly an amazing doula and her presence made my birth experience so much better. My labor was very long and Ashley was there for me through the whole thing, from our house to the hospital, stayed up all night, and helped me in so many ways. I was able to go without an epidural only with her help and encouragement. I would highly recommend her, she’s amazing at what she does and is a very sweet, calming person to have in the birthing room! She even left my labor straight to another one on no sleep and running on fumes. Ashley I can’t thank you enough! ❤️

Britney S.

Ashley was a godsend during my labor! We started on a short notice but she was more than accommodating to squeeze me in! She was flexible when labor plans changed (because they always do!!) and never made me feel like it was a inconvenience! Her personalization of my care with special touches during aftercare was greatly appreciated. I live 23 hours from family and having her present not only helped me feel supported but made me feel safe and confident that I could be successful with bringing my Ollie into this world!

Jessica D.

Ashley will be the best advocate for you and your partner!! We started working with Ashley when I was about 34 weeks pregnant (first time mom) and it was alleviating to have someone explain to us about the OB/labor world. When OB appointments were too fast or we were told information with no further explanation, Ashley was there to help fill in the gaps! Ashley was there throughout my labor which gave me and my spouse a lot of time to focus on mine and baby’s health.

Overall, Ashley is kind, supportive, holistic and so understanding with your goals. As a Latina (married into the Davis family), I wanted to make sure I had a doula who was culturally conscious and understanding of how different identities may be, unfortunately, perceived in certain medical practices and procedures. I'm glad Ashley heard my story, the obstacles, and helped me find ways to ensure I wasn't to be downplayed in the future.

Lauren I.

Ashley was an INCREDIBLE doula and I could not be more pleased with the experience I had with her through preparation for birth and all the way through an extremely stressful emergency during my birth. I had preeclampsia discovered at a routine check up in Yakima and was airlifted to Seattle. Ashley had just finished helping with another delivery that morning but didn't hesitate at all to jump in the car and drive all the way to Seattle from Ellensburg at a moment's notice. I was SO impressed by her care and expertise throughout the whole birthing process which ended in an emergency cesarean and 13 days in the NICU for my daughter. Ashley's calm and professional manner was crucial to managing my anxiety (I am prone to panic attacks) and to my communication with the medical staff at the hospital as I tried to navigate all the sudden and intimidating decisions I was faced with. Ashley was kind and respectful to the hospital staff yet advocated for my needs, asked thoughtful questions I would never have thought of, and made sure that I was comfortable and informed every step of the way. She liased with my support person to make sure that every detail was taken care of through my cesarean and initial recovery. Her presence was essential to me remaining relatively calm and feeling very cared for and safe during this harrowing process. I feel so lucky to have found Ashley and I can't recommend her highly enough as a doula.